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Emily Worden is a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) helping busy professionals and stay-at-home moms build careers they love. As a work-at-home mom herself, Emily knows it’s important to create careers that are fruitful, flexible, and fulfilling. She also knows it can be intimidating to change careers or return to the workforce after a long break. Emily has helped hundreds of clients, students, and entrepreneurs achieve their goals, whether it’s starting a successful business or landing their dream job

As a teacher, author, entrepreneur, business coach, and MBA graduate, Emily has a passion for business methodology and personal development that informs her coaching philosophy. She encourages everyone to “think like an entrepreneur” about their career and personal brand. Clients learn how to present who they are, what they offer, and write a career business plan to map out their big, beautiful dreams. 

Emily specializes in “pivot points” - those moments when you are ready for a change but don’t know where to start. She has pivoted a lot in her own life. She studied English and American Sign Language in college, got an MBA in Marketing, started a business, wrote a book for artist-entrepreneurs, became a startup mentor and business coach (helping her mentees raise millions in funding, appear on ABC's Shark Tank, and sell their businesses), then a sales and marketing teacher, and finally recruited as a career development professor at Boston University. Whether she’s speaking at a conference, teaching a class, working with a client, or publishing a book, she’s all about setting goals and achieving success through real-world, practical advice. 

Outside of her passion for helping people succeed, Emily loves to read, listen to music, and make things with her hands. She enjoys hiking in the woods, bike riding with her family, and she once skydived over the Swiss Alps but is still afraid of heights. Emily is a “force of nature” and an impossible optimist who believes anyone is capable of anything they dream, and she works hard at making it happen every day. 

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What others are saying: 

"I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! Your coaching was tremendous. Honestly, Emily, I NEVER would have gone into that interview with the confidence I had if you hadn't been such a HUGE support." - Caroline L.

"Emily, you are AMAZING. I can’t thank you enough. Because of you, I’m in a new job that I love and I doubled my salary! I am so grateful for your advice and support, it was truly life-changing." - Helena M.

"Thank you, Emily, thank you. YOU are a life-changer! You helped ease almost all of my career and networking worries, and because of you, I'm inspired to believe that anything is possible ... Throughout our meetings, I have felt how much you care about me and my future success. You've made such an impact on me with your support and guidance, and I am eternally grateful to you." - Mavis M. 

"Talking with you gave me new confidence, pulled me up, and re-motivated me when I was feeling stuck and confused. You were more helpful than you will ever know.  I want to thank you for your enthusiasm." - Maria M. 

“In a word, Emily’s work is life-changing. I always knew what I wanted to do, but the tools she gave me will allow me to bring my career to the next level. She is knowledgeable, engaging, and meets you at your level. I truly can’t recommend her enough.” - Caroline M. 

"Thank you for always providing such an uplifting and high-energy environment in our meetings -- I am learning so many skills that I know I will carry with me for years and years to come." - Katherine S.

"Working with Emily was without a doubt the best investment I've ever made in my career! I have been raving about working with her to anyone who will listen! As an under-employed, mid-career mom, I was struggling with the confidence and skills to make a pivot. Emily provided invaluable resources and supportive coaching that enabled me to set ambitious goals for myself and market my skills and experience with assurance. There were points in the process where I doubted it was going to work for me, but I stuck with it and ended up landing a job that not only meets my short-term goals, but leaves me well-positioned for future career growth. There is no doubt in my mind that Emily's coaching made all the difference for me. I learned ways of thinking from her that helped me bridge the gap from where I was to where I wanted to be." - Sarah S. 

“I've been really intimidated by career development in the past but you have made it so motivating and enjoyable. I genuinely feel like a new person. Thank you so so much for all of your continued support and guidance.” - Ken Y.

"I learned so much and feel more prepared than ever before to begin my career post-grad. I really appreciate your support, guidance, and enthusiasm throughout our time together." - Emily H.

"The raise I asked for was approved! Thank you so much for all your guidance on that front. Honestly, I almost certainly would not have asked for a raise if it weren't for you holding me accountable. Plus your guidance on how to craft the pitch and anticipate responses not only worked but made the whole experience far less stressful. I also noted a couple of times during the conversation with my boss where I was actively using specific tips you gave me ... I'm enormously grateful to you for all of this." - Dan R. 

"I strongly believe that every single working mom should be required to meet with Emily! As a SAHM who is in the process of figuring out career paths, Emily has equipped me with the right tools I need to plan and explore my future career. Through our meetings, she has eased almost all of my career and networking worries and has made me believe in my own limitless future ... Emily pushes her clients in the right direction and inspires them to take their careers into their own hands. The care and empathy that she gives are unmatched; she takes the time to get to know her clients to tailor her expert advice to their career needs. Emily is a valuable asset for anyone who’s ready to get serious about their career!" - Molly M. 

"Looking back, I will greatly miss Emily's ability to make me feel seen and heard, and as though she had all the time in the world for me. There wasn't a meeting that went by that I did not feel that Emily was wholly invested in my current situation or problem that needed fixing. In more ways than one, she has always expressed her deepest desire to help me in whatever way I needed. This I believe is a testament to who Emily is as a person: an empathetic, deeply intuitive problem-solver with a world of creativity under her belt." - Anna P. 

"Emily, you provided a critical combination of practical tools and emotional encouragement that helped me see myself and my experience through a different, more confident lens. I came into the coaching process worried about the skills and experience I didn't have and was unclear about my goals. Your process helped me hone in on my goals, my strengths, and gave me the language and confidence to position myself strategically as a viable candidate for roles I knew I could do, without caveats or apologies. Thank you!" - Sarah S. 



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