Individual 1:1 Coaching


If you're ready to find a new job you love for a higher salary, then 1:1 coaching is for you. Choose from one of three packages.

Package #1: Branding Bootcamp ($995)

For those who know exactly what type of job they want next, but they're stuck on the job search and having trouble landing interviews. 

This intense program includes: 3x45 minute sessions over Zoom, unlimited email support, my resume template, and a 19-page LinkedIn document, (which I lovingly nicknamed “The Beast”).

You will have homework to complete before each meeting and you can get started immediately after enrolling in the program. Click here to purchase



✔️ Learn how to talk about your career history in a cohesive and compelling way

✔️ Discover your target employers' keywords and key phrases and incorporate them into your brand

✔️ Revamp your resume in a way that screams to hiring managers and recruiters, “Hey! I’m awesome! Hire me!”

✔️ Update your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters and hiring managers and learn LinkedIn strategies to boost your profile


🕒 Session 1: Define your brand

🕒 Session 2: Update your resume

🕒 Session 3: Optimize your LinkedIn profile

*The BRANDING BOOTCAMP is for those who know exactly what they want to do next but need help communicating it.* If you DO know what type of job you want, at what type of company and/or type of industry, this bootcamp is for you! Click here to purchase

(And if you’re not there yet, then one of the next packages is for you.)


Package #2: Career Crossroads ($1,595)

For those who are ready to make a career change but are feeling stuck at a crossroads and wondering, "What do I want to do next? What types of jobs interest me? Where do I begin?"

This program includes everything in the BRANDING BOOTCAMP (polished personal brand, updated resume, and optimized LinkedIn profile) + 2 extra coaching sessions (for 5 sessions total) + the Find Your New Career Digital Course ($295 value).

Meetings are 45-minutes long, conducted virtually on Zoom. You will have homework to complete before each meeting and can get started immediately after purchasing this program. Click here to purchase


✔️ Explore new career paths based on your interests and career history

✔️ Make an informed decision about your next career steps through research and informational interviews 

✔️ Revamp your resume in a way that highlights your transferable skills 

✔️ Update your LinkedIn profile to tell your career story in a way that appeals to your new target job


🕒 Session 1: Explore potential careers

🕒 Session 2: Decide your next career move 

🕒 Session 3: Define your brand

🕒 Session 4: Update your resume

🕒 Session 5: Optimize your LinkedIn profile

CAREER CROSSROADS includes 5x45 minute sessions over Zoom, unlimited email support, my resume template, a 19-page LinkedIn document, (which I lovingly nicknamed “The Beast”) and the Find Your New Career Digital Course ($295 value).

You will be asked to complete the Find Your New Career Course before we first meet. Click here to purchase


Package #3: Dream Job Masterclass ($2,695)

Discover your professional purpose, build your career confidence, nail your job applications and interviews, and have a coach for every step of the job journey.

We'll cover the five steps to career success, from developing your personal brand to getting a big promotion.

You will clarify who you are, what you want, and have a plan to make it happen, whether it's starting a new job or starting your own business. Click here to purchase the program

A proven five-step program to master your career development. I’ve used this program to help hundreds of people on their career journeys, whether they are launching new careers, coming back to work after a career pause, or currently working and looking for a new job. 

The Dream Job Masterclass is only for those who are committed to change and are willing to put in the effort. I can help you change your life and career, but you have to put in the work.  

The Dream Job Masterclass pays for itself. My clients on average enjoy a 20% pay increase at their new jobs, and I have increased clients’ salaries 100% - yes, DOUBLED - their salaries with new jobs and negotiation skills.

This program is so effective it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you show up and do the work and find the program cannot help you, I’ll refund your money. See the FAQs for more information. 

The Dream Job Masterclass includes nine (9) invigorating meetings, endless email support, and unlimited access to a private website with resources only available to clients. Masterclass participants have access to all the materials, including mini-courses, self-assessments, and jam-packed resource sheets. 

Meetings are 45 minutes long and conducted virtually on Zoom. You will have homework to complete before each meeting and can get started immediately after purchasing this program. Click here to purchase

Dream Job Masterclass schedule

The topics are covered in order, though the pacing of each meeting might be different depending on your needs. If you remain diligent with your work, you can finish the program in about 12 weeks. Some people take up to six months to finish the program, and that’s ok too. 

  1. What do you want?
    1. Your vision, values, and mission - what’s important to you (personally and professionally)?
    2. What is your ideal job title and industry? 
  2. What do they want?
    1. Research the marketplace - who are your ideal employers and what do they want? 
    2. Assess your skills - what do you uniquely offer? 
  3. Personal Branding
    1. Write personal branding statements to put on your resume, LinkedIn, and cover letters
    2. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile to reflect your new brand 
  4. Networking
    1. How to reach out to recruiters
    2. How to tap into your network - even if you don't have one 
  5. Job Search
    1. Hack the job search with insider tips and tricks to help you stand out from the crowd
    2. How to handle interview questions and contract negotiations
  6. *BONUS STEP* You got the job - now what?
    1. Dealing with tough work personalities
    2. How to position yourself for a raise, promotion

By the end of the Dream Job Masterclass, you will have a career action plan, templates for your resume and cover letter that you can customize for each job application, and a LinkedIn profile that clearly communicates who you are and what you offer.  

You will also have a marketing plan, critical networking skills, and know how to answer common interview questions and negotiate for a better salary. In short, you’ll be well on your way to landing the job of your dreams. And most importantly, you’re going to have confidence in yourself and your future! I've seen it happen hundreds of times before, and it can happen for you, too. Click here to purchase the program


Not ready to dive into a program yet?

Grab a single coaching session and see how it can help you: 


ASK ME ANYTHING Mini Coaching Session ($95)

This session is for those who have specific questions and need quick answers about their resume, LinkedIn profile, job search, or upcoming job interview. Bring your questions and I’ll bring answers. And some tea. 

This coaching session is 30 minutes and conducted virtually on Zoom. Be ready to take notes, I move fast. You can book your session after purchase. 

Click here to purchase

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What others are saying:

Caroline M.
“In a word, Emily’s work is life-changing. I always knew what I wanted to do, but the tools she gave me will allow me to bring my career to the next level. She is knowledgeable, engaging, and meets you at your level. I truly can’t recommend her enough.”

Helena M.
"Emily, you are AMAZING. I can’t thank you enough. Because of you, I’m in a new job that I love and I doubled my salary! I am so grateful for your advice and support, it was truly life-changing."

Akash A.

"Emily is a gem of a person. She explained everything that I could do to make myself better in such a simple manner. I have got so many learnings and actionable items, thanks to Emily. I would say one of the best calls I have had to guide me in my career growth trajectory."