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FREE RESOURCE: Get Unstuck, Out of Your Head, and Kick Your Career in Gear!

Are you thinking about going back to work or switching jobs but you’re overwhelmed about where to start?

Are you at a crossroads and wondering what you should do next?

Download the 10 Steps to Kick Your Career in Gear free resource and learn actionable, attainable steps you can take right now to get out of the rut and build career momentum. 

10 Steps to Kick Your Career in Gear will help you: 

  • Discover career opportunities that align with your values, interests, and skills
  • Gain more confidence in yourself and what you have to offer
  • Evaluate what you need to make the next move in your career 
  • Make a plan about what you're going to do next
  • Find a clearer purpose and get your professional life back on track 
  • Overcome inertia and move forward with intent 
  • Alleviate stress, pressure, or angst about your next career moves
  • Feel energized and excited about your career possibilities

You are not alone! I’ve helped hundreds of people turn their dreams into reality. Whether it’s going back to work, switching jobs, or starting a new business, I use the simple strategies shared in 10 Steps to Kick Your Career in Gear: Find Your Purpose and Make a Plan.

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FREE RESOURCE: Open to Work Info Sheet

Most people think the job search is a “numbers game.” The more jobs you apply to, the more likely it is you’ll get an interview, right? 

Wrong. I have helped more people land jobs through networking and recruiters over the traditional “numbers game” job search. As I say, “It’s not a numbers game, it’s a referral and recruiter game.” 

The key to the “referral and recruiter game” is being very clear on the type of job(s) you want and sharing it with the world

When you announce you’re Open to Work, be specific about what you want. I’m talking about job titles, types of companies, industries, and types of roles - be as detailed as possible. Then people know exactly how they can help you. 

That’s why I created the Open to Work Info Sheet. Use it when you’re ready to announce you’re looking for a new job. Once you create your Open to Work Info Sheet, send it out to your network and post about it on LinkedIn. Here’s what the Open to Work Info Sheet looks like: 

I’ve created a FREE resource to guide your Open to Work Info Sheet. This resource will help you: 

  • Write your Open to Work Info Sheet using an editable template
  • Send your Open to Work Info Sheet to your network with a message template 
  • Post about #OpentoWork on LinkedIn including your Open to Work Info sheet + LinkedIn post template

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